York Ill, a.k.a. Dalightman, (born Kendale Gibson)

York Ill

York Ill, a.k.a. Dalightman, (born Kendale Gibson), is and American conscious hip-hop/soul musician from St. Albans, New York.  As a child, York Ill began freestyle rapping as a hobby. He then moved to Albany, Georgia to live with his paternal family.  During this time, he cofounded the rap group Top Notch Gang (TNG).  After running into some trouble and being expelled from high school, York returned to New York.  While there, he completed his secondary education and became a member of the group Bern City Soldiers.  The group was later signed to a distribution deal with Sonic Wave International when Dalightman was 16 years of age.  Deciding to advance his music career, Dalightman returned to Albany, Georgia dove head first into the local hip hop music scene. Unfortunately, during this time, York was drawn into the street life and, as a result, served a short time in prison.  While in prison, he began learning knowledge of self and upon release, met the conscious hip hop artist Marty MacFly and became the capstone member of the Blaq Pyrates.


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