Nephew Shawty, a.k.a. 2Cupps Shawty (born Michael Childs)

Nephew Shawty

Nephew Shawty, a.k.a. 2Cupps Shawty (born Michael Childs), is an American conscious hip-hop/soul musician from Cordele, Georgia.  While growing up in this small southern town, young Michael was well known for his slick comments and catchy phrases.  As a child, Nephew spent a lot of his time surrounded by gospel music in Sunday school and revival services that he attended with his mother and sisters.  His secular influence came from the stylings of Curtis Mayfield, Johnny Taylor, and Sir Charles.  Nephew’s street fashion, beehive caesar haircuts, and his exquisite taste for Brandy poured in two stacked cups earned him the name “2Cupps Shawty” early in life.  During middle and high school, 2Cupps excelled in sports, especially football.  His talents propelled him to being known as one of the greatest defensive ends in Crisp County history.  His athleticism and academic achievement earned him a scholarship to a local college.  However, due to a devastating knee injury and the death of his childhood friend, Gator Joe, his athletic career was cut short and he did not finish college.  From there, Nephew began a career in the food processing industry and joined neighborhood friends Daruddone, Fetty Cash, and Marty MacFly as a member of the Trapville Pyrates which later became known as the Blaq Pyrates.


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