A Little Words About

Blaq Pyrates

Originally, the Award Winning Independent Alternative Rock/Pop/Hip Hop/Soul Group, Blaq Pyrates, was known as the Trapville Pyrates and was founded by Fetty Cash aka Zodoq Banks, in 2003. It included his 2 brothers DaRuddOne aka Rasta Rudd & Primo Dollars the Blaq God aka Marty MacFly, along with devoted cousin Koolgi Kid. In 2007, due to the negative use of the word “trapping” and the bad connotation of the word “black”, the name was changed to the acronym: B.L.A.Q. P.Y.R.A.T.E.S., which stands for “Brothers Linked Amongst Qualifications, Protect Your Riches Alias Through Extreme Status”.

Time in Music

The original logo was created by the DaRuddOne & converted into an electronic graphic by Lord Jafar Kellam. The current logo was designed by Jakmuv-GFX.  In 2009, Koolgi Kid left the Pyrates to start another group & was replaced by neighborhood friend Nephew “2Cupps” Shawty. In 2010, a cousin and supporter of the cause, Jonny Papez “The 7”, became a member. Then in 2015, devoted friend in the light & musician York “Dalightman” Ill, became the final capstone member of the group. In early 2019, Jonny Papez left the group to start his own Electrical & 3D Printing company.

In 2017, the group became a corporation and formed the Independent record label Blaq Pyrate Nation, LLC and named Fetty Cash aka Zodoq Banks as CEO. Also, in the same year, the group started the publishing companies, Blaq Pyrate Nation Publishing & Blaq Pyrate Nation International, with the goal of publishing their own music, as well as, the music of other up and coming independent musicians. Each member of the Blaq Pyrates holds membership in either BMI Songwriter Association or ASCAP Songwriter Association.

We Make Magic

In June 2017, the Blaq Pyrates became the winners of the Rapco Radio/Albany Sony Distribution Competition Showcase Tour which awarded them a Sony Music Entertainment Distribution Deal. In December 2017, the Blaq Pyrates received Independent Tone Music Awards in the following categories: 2017 Alternative Rock Upcoming Artist/Band of the Year, 2017 Pop Artist of the Year, & 2017 R&B/Soul Artist of the Year. In January 2018, the Blaq Pyrates graced the cover and was featured in “Crunk Atlanta Magazine”. Also, in that same month, they released their hit single “Get It”, featuring Get Cool, worldwide. The Blaq Pyrates were also the winners of the 2018 Independent Tone Award for Hip Hop / Soul Group Of The Year”. Planned releases for 2019 are as follows: “Problems”, “Lonely View”, “Different Type Of Rich”, & “Social Media” singles and music videos as well as the “Get It” short film. Stay tuned and FOLLOW THE BLAQ PYRATE NATION!